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BudgetSensors AFM Probes

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BudgetSensors® AFM probes are an excellent choice for your AFM measurements!

Made of monolithic silicon, they fit into most commercially available AFMs (VEECO, DI Nanoscope, Agilent, Park, NanoSurf, JPK, JEOL, and others) and outperform all other silicon SPM probes available on the market when it comes to sharpness, symmetry and consistency.

BudgetSensors® calibration standards are a well established choice when it comes down to high quality AFM calibration standards for a reasonable price.

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         AFM Probe Model: MagneticMulti75-G   AFM probe Model Multi75DLC


Latest News:

Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Buys MEMS Fab
Sofia, Bulgaria 25th November 2011

Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. today announced the acquisition of Bulgaria's largest MEMS fab, which is located in the north of Sofia and has been newly built and equipped in 2004. This new facility provides Innovative Solutions Bulgaria, manufacturer of the BudgetSensors® line of AFM probes and AFM calibration standards, with the much needed space for the expansion of its production capacity.

The acquisition of the new fab will be formally completed until the end of 2011.

"The purchase of our new MEMS fab is a milestone in the development of our company! Our current production facilities have been approaching our capacity limits over the last two years. We needed to take action to meet the increasingly high demand for our products from all over of the world.

With this added production capacity we will be able to support our sales growth for another five to ten years. We are very excited about the perspectives this new facility is providing for our BudgetSensors® line of AFM probes and calibration standards and our business in the future!", said Dr. Kamen Nikolov, Founder and CEO of Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.

During the last 10 years, through quality control without compromise, as well as excellent customer service combined with the best shipment and lead times in the world, we have built up BudgetSensors® as the world-wide leading AFM probes brand in the low-cost market segment. Our cumulated average sales growth over the last 10 years has been in the high double digits range. Even during the last three years, in times of high macroeconomic uncertainty, we have been able not only to maintain our position on the market, but to grow further with impressive +30% rates. Our newly expanded production capacity will strongly contribute to the continued growth of the company." Dr. Nikolov added.

About Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.
Founded in 2001, Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. (ISB) is mainly focused on the manufacturing and distribution of Probes and Calibration Standards for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) under the brand BudgetSensors®. In 2005 the Swiss NanoWorldHolding AG purchased 100% of the ISB shares from its founder, Dr. Kamen Nikolov. Being part of the largest manufacturer of AFM probes and accessories in the world, ISB has grown BudgetSensors® into the world-wide market leader in the low cost AFM probes segment. BudgetSensors® products are being distributed world-wide through a well developed network of affiliated companies and local distributors.





NanoWorld AFM Probes


For technical information and quotations contact The Innovation Group

Nanotechnology is our field. Precision is our tradition.

Innovation is our key instrument.

That's why we are located in Switzerland, one of the most powerful
and innovative areas in Europe. 
Using our knowledge as well as our high precision AFM Probes, our clients are able to get the best results they need for atomic force microscopy (AFM).

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