Communication Training


Strong skills in ‘communication’ are a core element of the modern researcher, complimenting their analytical and investigative skills. In many cases, programs to develop these skills are limited to commercial media interactions. Although this can be important, media interactions are often the most optional of a series of communications challenges a researcher will be faced with. It is imperative that researchers have a suite of communications skills to allow them to be adaptive.

Why are our programs unique?

Unlike the majority of workshop facilitators, Dr Shane Huntington has spent the better part of his professional career as a researcher. He has published more than 60 refereed publications, held a close to 100% success rate for competitive grants for a decade, and led significant teams of researchers through challenging projects. In addition, The Innovation Group Pty Ltd has been a supplier of scientific instrumentation since 1999, working closely with many institutions. He has also been working at radio station RRR for 21 years presenting the Sunday morning science show. In this capacity he have interviewed some 1000 researchers from many different fields. Similarly he has been the Science, Medicine and Engineering Host of the University of Melbourne’s Upclose Podcast program since 2007 - clocking up more than 100 episodes. These podcasts are downloaded more than 500,000 times a year. With this unique background he is able to tailor programs specifically to the researchers involved.


What do the programs involve?

The communications workshops that we run are interactive ‘conversations’ between Dr Huntington and the participants. A range of communication areas are covered to address the needs of researchers. Participants will essentially ‘learn by doing’ and to some degree will drive the way the program flows.

Some topics that have been of interest to researchers in the past include:

  • The power of communication – why do researchers care?
  • The best and worst communicators – what can we learn?
  • The Audience – the only thing that matters! (communication axioms)
  • Contrasting formats and delivery methods
  • Public Speaking – overcoming nerves, techniques for quality
  • Giving Quality Lectures and Presentations
  • Writing for success
  • Radio, Television and Print media
  • Strategic Communications – What does this mean?
  • Communication can equal money
The program elements detailed above have been facilitated for hundreds of academics, early and middle career researchers and PhD students.
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