Tools for Nanoscience and Technology

The Innovation Group Pty Ltd is pleased to present the most sophisticated range of Nanotechnology Analysis products on the market.

TIG currently represents:

  • Asylum Research
  • Budget Sensors
  • Herzan
  • Minus k Technology
  • Nanoworld Innovative Technologies

Products covering the full range of Scanning Probe Microscope applications are available.



"I have been using the Asylum Research MFP-3D-BIO AFM for the last 5 years and I must say that the equipment is a treasure from all points of view. It is versatile, has powerful capabilities and high precision which along with excellent service it makes everyone’s life in the lab easier... read more

"I LOVE IT! The MFP-3D completely exceeds my expectations. In fact, it's too much (and it's only going to get better). Mario Viani has been great, and I'm certain I could learn more physics from him... read more

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